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"ClayCo Nights" appears on Soundtrack to Feature Film Turned Out


Slick Shawn

In a world of lawlessness, Purge takes you on a journey In the mind of a Purge participant. Slick Shawn's delivery and cadence rides to this dope track all the way through the song with no hook.

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    Purge 2:14

Stranger Things Album

Stranger Things

Slick Shawn

3rd Studio Album, "Stranger Things" by Slick Shawn. This one touches on the serious sides of life and dealing with the death of his mother. Catchy hooks and 80s babies vibes this Album is sure to please!

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Slick Shawn is an Atlanta artist by way of Huntsville,AL. He is an International Record Artist having recorded in Mexico and Jamaica. The single "Superboo" was released in 2011 and featured on FM Cancun Radio in Cancun , Mexico. He also performed live in Puerto Morelos, Mexico and Isla Mujeres, Mexico . He performs Hip Hop, Spoken Word Poetry and is an Actor as well. His singles "Back In Love", "If They Gun Me Down", "Bravado", "You Can Do It" and "Fire Starter" respectively were all released in 2015. "The Slick Experience" Album was released October 2015. The  Album "Godspeed" was released 2017 which featured Big Rube of the Dungeon Family and Project Pat . He released the single and video  "Off the Grid" as well as "Hail to the King" recorded and filmed in  Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2018 . 2019 releases include Single "Saucin'" and Album titled "Stranger Things" In 2022 Slick released the single titled “Purge” and ClayCo Nights in 2023. ClayCo Nights and “Purge” both appear on the Soundtrack to feature  film "Turned Out" In which Slick is also acting in as Cortez.


He has blessed too many stages to name in ATL, the Hip Hop capitol of the World . In 2017 he performed at the Alabama Music Awards  and was nominated for Most Slept on Hip Hop Artist Male in 2017 and 2018. He was a featured Artist at the Alabama Black Expo & Naturals in the City in Huntsville. He also graced the stage at the African Street Fest in Nashville and Miami Live event in Miami Beach. He appeared twice at ATL'S own IBNX Radio and currently his music is being downloaded and streamed  from Australia to Canada,Mexico to Russia, Africa to all over the USA. His plays include "Rise Angie Rise" as Poppa Bear and "This Land is Your Land" as Chollie respectively. He starred in the film "Making Mary" by Dedra Muhammed as David Floyd. This is a man who knows no boundaries



In 2020 Slick started Spotlight Series podcast and has produced and hosted 2 seasons with a 3rd on the way. The podcast is on all podcast platforms youtube, IG, facebook, Roku TV. Slick is currently working with 2Hot Radio as Technology Consultant assisting with A&R development and Hosting Brand Building Zooms. 

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Don't sleep on your Dreams”

Slick Shawn

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Godspeed Album

Godspeed is a Testament to time and space. The entire Album took 20 full moons to complete. Although we can not change time, we can position ourselves in a certain space in time to be ahead of where we are at any given point.

In Ancient Kemet before the alphabet the people used symbols to communicate. Know thyself!

It is said that when Napoleon came to Egypt he saw the Sphinx and how broad the nostrils were on the nose and shot it off so that the true identity of its likeness as relating to being of Afrikan descent could be hidden.


Slick Shawn

Godspeed is the second studio album for Slick Shawn which is a hardcore hip hop/rap album as well as spoken word. Featuring. Big Rube, Project Pat, Georgia ME, OG Kapone, Heaven Lacy, Da Promise Child, Wolfpack Fly & June B.

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It's a brave world out there”

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