1. Purge

From the recording Purge

Purge Is the 1st Single from the upcoming 3rd studio album from Slick Shawn produced by Young Mooski


Got green botegas In Vegas what happens here stays here
Down in Miami my plug Is a Dominican
I go to Huntsville slide In n slide out
Down In Atlant we all strapped cuz niggaz bout It
What you niggaz know about tha Dirty South
Put tha fuckin FN Inside ya mouth
Glock 40s all day Its a Blicknik
DP 12 send you to Hell Issa Quicktrip
Went to Nawlins didn't no bullshit pop off round me
Same weekend 11 robbed some stabbed some beat
Thats how It B u ain't thorough you ain't a G
You could find yourself food for dese streets
30 rounds thru ya car door tha casket closed
He was lackin nose drippin so wiped his nose
Oh u bad not n front of that pole
Won't live to be old cause ya body filled up w holes
Cut da lights s to ya house kick tha door air it out
Squid Games no witnesses there will be no trials
Steak out -wait for you to go check yo mail
Walk down on ya nun but shotgun shells
Lets call it Karma other words oh well
Heard you was snitchin now you ain't livin to tell
Oh dats my fault dats ya gf
The way she rode on dat pole youd think she had no man
Busta Rhymes been said It safe no more
Im In ya house purge mask w tha loaded 44
Brass Knuckles n bats Im talkin Louisville Slugger
Here to put you In graves we talkin 42 Duggers
Dead men dont tell no tales
Have you swimming w the dolphins hangin out w the whales
You playin w my bag man dat just wont. Gel
We don't believe in heaven cuz we livin in Hell